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What is video restoration?

Video restoration is the process of digitizing analog video tapes to preserve them in a modern format like an MP4 file or burned to DVD/Blu-Ray. Video tapes deteriorate over time and are also prone to damage more easily. With a video restoration service you can preserve those old tapes for a lifetime. 

Why use a videotape conversion service? Isn’t this something I can easily do myself?


First, you must have a VHS player or camcorder in great shape with it’s A/V outputs working properly. Second, you need to purchase a capture device or card for your computer. The devices available on Amazon or at Best Buy do not always work properly with different VHS players and computers. Third, you need to have video editing software and some basic skills to reach your desired goal. Lastly, you have to set aside a good chunk of time as the digitization process takes place in real time. At Rock Media Productions we do the heavy lifting for you so that your memories are preserved digitally with no risk of tape damage or old technology. 


I plugged an old VCR into my HDTV to watch a home video and the picture quality was quite poor. I always thought the tapes looked great on my old televisions, why the big difference in quality?


VHS, S-VHS, and Mini-DV are all formats that are best viewed on analog televisions because of their native resolution which is significantly lower then that of modern televisions. While we are only able to directly produce footage as good as as the source provided to us, we have special software that can improve picture clarity, detail and color for a better viewing experience on your HDTV as opposed to playing a tape  directly into your television. 


What formats do you offer?


We can save your memories by converting your tapes to any digital format you as a download, on a USB drive, or burned to DVD or Blu-Ray. 

I have old tapes of a different format then VHS or Mini-DV. Can you restore these also?


Please reach out to us with what you have. Chances are we can acquire the necessary player to plug into our system or you can provide us with your camcorder to capture the footage from.

Do you offer a mail-in service? What are your rates?

Yes, we do offer a mail-in service. Our rates vary depending on the services and options that you choose. Please reach out to us and we will be happy to work with you to provide a quote that is customized to your needs. 

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